Woodlawn Crematory

In 1998, Woodlawn Cemetery built its new maintenance facility and added a crematorium.  This allowed Woodlawn to offer assistance to local funeral homes for their cremation needs.   As time went on, the funeral service industry changed in answer to the changing needs of the community.  Responding to these changes, Fawcett Funeral Home, Inc. purchased Woodlawn Crematory in January, 2016

Owning and operating our own crematory allows us to more fully serve our families’ needs without their loved ones ever leaving our care.   From the first moment of transfer until they are in their final resting place, our clients remain under our care.

Families who wish to witness their loved one’s placement in the crematory can do so from our viewing room.   We are happy to give a tour of the facility and welcome any questions. Please call 507-452-3624 or 651-565-3546.